The Huge YouTube Mistake

Here at, I’m the ‘nut job’ (and proud of it, thank you). It takes an ‘out of the box’ thinker to discover the un-charted paths.

Yesterday I told you putting a video on YouTube is either a smashing success or lands with a royal splat. Today we’re going to look deeper at why as well as some serious mistakes. Let’s start with…

 Serious Mistakes

What has not been seen outside of some close friends of the company is a video I created for the article

In all honesty, it took a long time to create it. This is because I was looking for a method that could be done in-house with even better control of the visual aspect of the video then what you have seen in the robo-videos I was working on in 2009. When you’re doing research it can be clumsy and take time to write the playbook.

So I shipped a copy to the big cheese here. He showed it off to some trusted folks and all of them made the same mistake my partner and I made in 2009.

The first comment that comes back is the synthetic voices are not professional enough.

That’s what my buddy and I thought as well back in 2009, when the synthetic voices were not as good as they are today. We abandoned the project.

I went on with video entries that were far more costly in production time and financial overhead. That would be casual real-time footage with the cameraman in tow.

That didn’t seem to be getting anywhere of significance as well.


In my live video series I was covering what life is really like living in Baja Norte (Mexico). More popularyoutube retire video then my visiting some local restaurants was going to a local grocery store. Keep in mind this is not rehearsed video, and I am saying just what comes off the top of my mind. The video was shot with a consumer grade video camera. It gets to date 17,500+ views and comments. The link is: .

Now let’s consider the robot created video regarding dieting. The video link is: . It has 16,800+ views. It also has comments.

No the two are not same topic, nor are they put up at exactly the same time. And they have roughly the same amount of market acceptance.

The clear take away is it does not matter how ‘cheesy’ the YouTube video is. Clearly the Robo video took much less time money and energy to create. Yet the results are virtually identical.

Yet there are other videos we have put up that have gone SPLAT. Went over like a lead balloon.

The question becomes: is the topic you are dealing with something that resonates with visual learners, or not. Not whether the video is of quality or not.

If you read the comments on the diet video, you will see one person commented about why was there background video of somebody in the kitchen sharpening knives?

They were promptly slapped by another viewer telling them it’s just background footage.

Not Overnight

Look at the index on the left. It is a Spanish language web sit

Look at the index on the left. It is a Spanish language web sit

A mistake we also made back in 2009 was looking for Google Search type results. We did not forsee the long-term organic growth.

Nor did we foresee how ultimately other websites would pick up on the video and embedded in their sites.

This created almost 9,000 links in Google.

YouTube Results





 Different Topics – Different Brain Wiring

I know of no data that maps topics by Niche to learning styles.

We do know that it can be very inexpensive to put something on YouTube and wait a bit to see your results. Certainly you must be more patient than dealing with Google search.

With this visual research presented to you, our next topic is going to be how to address audio learners, and how to leverage Google search and YouTube for this audience.