Two Features To Make’s Google Analytics Integration Even Better

If you are interested in communities and being part of the local scene, you've probably come across by now. I like it, use it and value it as a good platform to give your group the focal point it needs to coalesce around. Again, please note this is from the perspective of the group organizer and not the attendee's - there are more popular sites where you can read about the benefits of being a member of various meetups and I have little to add on the topic. To an experienced online … [Read more...]

A Summary of Digital Content Strategy, A Best Practice Guide

Digital Excellence: Tailored for your business As a company transforms into a digital marketing powerhouse, the company should know where they are today, how they compare to the best and how to improve progress. Digital transformation – identifying the gaps between where you are and where you need to be, then closing them; Customised training – delivered in-house and tailored to team’s needs and business objectives; Digital reviews and advice – independent advice on suppliers, … [Read more...]

Making the Most of Big Data – Lead Generation with eBook Downloads

Making the Most of Big Data - Manager’s Guide to Business Intelligence Success by Boobal Palanisamy Kandasamy and Dr. Vladlena Benson is one of the most downloaded* titles on Big Data from In the introduction the book outlines the principles of Business Intelligence (BI) projects, basics of architecture and associated development methodologies. It also highlights the top five factors as top management support, alignment between business and business intelligence strategy, … [Read more...]

The uses of B2B Real-Time Marketing

What does ‘Real-Time’ Mean in B2B? The concept of real-time marketing is a response to an increasingly always-on lifestyle. Marketing has had to adapt to this lifestyle by becoming somewhat less planned. The advent of new technology has meant that it is now easy to meet consumer expectations but it also avoids a potentially ill-informed, sloppy, albeit ‘real-time’, response. For B2B marketers, this expectation has grown at a slower rate than among B2C marketers. This suggests that real-time … [Read more...]

Can this Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Guide appeal to students and graduates?

Digital technologies are becoming ever more important to how we manage our everyday lives. The opportunities presented by digital are significant and growing with no sign of slowing down. Furthermore, the measurement potential offered by digital along with the “instant feedback” of social media means that any marketing efforts can be tracked and optimised. Businesses are keen to capitalise on these opportunities and need people with passion, intelligence and drive to help them achieve their … [Read more...]

How Marketing Automation can enable you, the Marketer

Marketing automation enables marketers to adopt an integrated approach to generating, nurturing and converting leads into customers by automating various marketing techniques and processes to optimise the marketing-sales pipeline. Marketing automation encompasses the following techniques and tactics: Demand generation/lead acquisition; Lead nurturing; Lead scoring; Sales database integration; Dynamic segmentation; Triggered communications; Campaign testing. A common … [Read more...]

How to Use Social Listening to Your Advantage

Social listening provides companies with an insight into their strengths and limitations, enabling them to make changes and gauge their impact in real time. Brands are trying to harness the power of the customer voice, using it to drive change and innovation. Only by listening to these conversations and continually monitoring the reputation of a brand, can consumer experiences, queries and complaints be addressed. Listening and responding to comments is reputation monitoring at its simplest, but … [Read more...] Brings Digital Content to Irish Companies is a Danish company that has recently expanded to Ireland in partnership with Soliber Net. Established in 1988, the company has focused on publishing free and openly available education related books for business professionals and students. The books can be downloaded in PDF without registration. The mission is that students should be able to go through university without having to pay for textbooks. Since 2005, has been the first book publishing company in the … [Read more...]

What to Expect from a Multivariate Testing Tool?

Multivariate Testing: Improves Web Profile Multivariate Testing is one of the most widely used web page optimisation testing technique. Marketers do not use multiple pages of website to identify the best conversion rate but change the same page elements. They change the heading, buttons, colour, images, videos, or any element that increases conversion rate (Kapoor, 2008). There are two type of Multivariate Testing. They are Full Factorial and Fractional Factorial Testing.   Multivariate … [Read more...]

Big Brother Is Not Perfectly Tuned Yet – Google Personalized Ads

Weather in Dublin has been thoroughly unfriendly this weekend so far, hence my need to vent on the company blog about my latest online experiences. Let me put it mildly - this business revolves around online marketing, so you'll not find here a hopeless rant about Google et co. infringing privacy. Yes, we know they are doing it and we know why - it makes them money and gives them bargaining power (which ultimately translates into more money once again, but I am not paid - pun intended - to … [Read more...]