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Free Website and Backlinks Audit Report

Placing an order online is subject to website and keyword review before being accepted in our workflow. Only orders paid in full will be considered. Invoices unpaid for more than 3 working days are subject to cancellation without notification.
You may request a tailored plan or special quote if you have different requirements (for example several websites to promote with complex linkbuilding and branded reporting) – please use the form below to get in touch:

  • Starter
  • $132/mo

    For Online Start-ups
  • 150
  • 1
  • 5,000
  • 1
  • 2,500
  • 4
  • Pro
  • $265/mo

    For Internet Entrepreneurs
  • 300
  • 3
  • 5,000
  • 3
  • 2,500
  • 6
  • Business
  • $1065/mo

    For Agency / Enterprise Use
  • 500
  • 10
  • 10,000
  • 10
  • 5,000
  • 8

  • Business Intelligence
  • SEO Website Audit
  • Competitor Link Analysis
  • Competitive Page Analysis
  • Keyword Research Suggestions
  • Conversion Optimization Guide
  • Branded Reports
  • Free Report
  • -
    Try Without Risks
  • 1
  • Pro
  • $65
    For Small / Niche Websites
  • 3
  • 30
  • Enterprise
  • $105
    For Competitive Verticals
  • 10
  • 100

Optimization Plans Details

Dedicated Optimization Consultants are the highest-rated experts available from Soliber Net. They are digital marketing professionals with over 5 years of experience managing websites in different verticals, focused on demand generation and conversion optimization. DOCs can advise not only on SEO, but also help review PPC/PPV and online media strategies, optimize affiliate programs or assist with web analytics and online KPIs. Two of our founding partners are working directly with clients in this capacity, confirming once again that we are a hands-on company with its own skillset and in-house expertise.
Starter and Pro plans do not have an Optimization Consultant assigned. All communication is done via support tickets / e-mail. Please request a special quote if you are on a lower plan, but want to engage with one of our optimization experts via phone/skype/email for a consultation.

Keywords and competitors tracking, together with backlink building, are recurring on monthly basis.

Website audit, page optimization and backlinks (crawling) reports are supplied once per account, redeemable upon signup or at a later date.

If you require multiple site audits, revised page optimization reports or new backlink footprint reports, please discuss with your assigned project manager or create a support ticket (for Starter and Pro clients).

None of our optimization plans includes on-page changes (Title, Description, markup or content optimization) on clients’ sites. If you require assistance implementing our page optimization recommendations, please raise a ticket and request a quote. For the moment we support several Content Management Systems and e-commerce platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, SharePoint, vBulletin, ZenCart, PrestaSHOP, Magento as well as static HTML; if your CMS is not listed here please provide learning resources and/or access to developer documentation and one of our project managers will issue a quote for your approval.

Standard (regular) backlink building is done via guest blogging. Over time we have built a list of over 7,000 websites in over 30 verticals that accept and/or encourage guest posting. Our process follows search engine recommendations and insures a steady flow of quality, relevant backlinks to our clients’ sites. This method is very demanding and relatively slow to apply – although all our professional writers are native English speakers, sometimes they need to do their own research and become familiar with a particular topic before starting to write engaging articles, especially if they haven’t previously written for the same vertical. This work-intensive approach is necessary in order to avoid creating artificial patterns and unusual backlink footprints for clients’ websites. We strongly suggest you try another link building service if you are looking for high volume, low quality backlinks; our system works because it is designed and improved continuously towards delivering lasting results and protecting rankings against future SE algorithm changes.

Social Signals are a new addition to our optimization plans, specifically designed to trigger a positive response from Search Engines. It works by driving genuine social media engagement with our original content. This serves both as a secondary source of backlinks and at the same time as a public measure of the interest in our campaigns and clients’ websites.

Complex Backlinking Strategies use content created by our professional writers and a multistage posting and linking process that takes minimum 3mo. This is particularly suited for competitive keywords and maintaining rank gains long term. Our complex backlinking process uses natural anchor text distribution and tailored link acquisition velocity depending on the current backlink footprint and traffic levels of the sites we are optimizing. We rely on original writing, infographics and manual profiles to build a diverse backlinks footprint that matches or supersedes our clients’ top competitors. Each complex backlinking campaign is tailored for a particular client and target demographic – please raise a ticket or discuss with your project manager when applicable if you are not confident your contract meets the pre-requisites.

Reports are delivered monthly and made available for download from a secured location. The date your reports are issued does not have to coincide with the end of the calendar month or your billing period, but there will be no less than 20 or more than 45 days between two successive reports. If you have a special request in regards to how/where your reports are delivered, please raise a support ticket and we will try to find a solution that meets your expectations.

Both regular and branded reports use the same templates. If you require a special format we can design and implement one for you for a nominal fee, assuming that we have the data sources available to meet your request. Please use the form above to discuss the details.

Business Intelligence Details

These services consist in the delivery (one-off) of a set of reports, in PDF format via download from a secure location, detailing information publicly available structured and presented in formalized way. The source of this information is not under our control (search engine results and suggestions, competitors’ websites etc) and data accuracy is not guaranteed.

The content of these reports does not constitute an offer, solicitation or recommendation to acquire more services from us or to engage in any other transaction. It is the responsibility of the client to consider his legal and regulatory position in the relevant jurisdiction, the risks associated with the use of the reports and the subsequent making of any investment does not guarantee any results.

The Free Report offer is available only once per client with the purpose of demonstrating our data gathering and processing abilities and providing prospecting clients with a sample of our work at no cost. Any additional order for Business Intelligence reporting starts from the Pro plan, even if the client does not require all the information available.

Once made available for download from a secure location, it is the client’s responsibility to transfer and archive the report files for future use. The original copy can and will be removed after 30 days from delivery without any backup or recovery option.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can submit a ticket or fill out the form above and a member of our team will reach out to you with more information.

Updated: August 19th, 2012