Website Optimization

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of converting visitors on your website into leads. Usually, visitors become leads when they call a dedicated phone number, subscribe to a newsletter, request a quote or fill out a form in return for some sort of offer (e.g. a webinar, a trial, etc.) on a targeted landing page.  These leads can then be qualified and distributed to your sales team, tracked in a CRM application and turned into paying customers! Small and medium companies spend thousands upon thousands of dollars ineffectively while trying to market their product or service online but fail constantly against Top 500 competitors in their vertical…[Read More…]

Web Analytics

Learn from web analytics about what is working in terms of pricing, offers, products, propositions, landing pages … and what is not working. You can use online as a cost effective, and fast, way to test propositions that you can then “take offline”. For example, you could use paid search, with customized landing pages, to trial particular propositions and then tweak until you had optimized response and ROI. You could then use this to inform a direct mail campaign, or above-the-live messaging…[Read More…]

Split Testing

This section illustrates how web analytics and split-testing can be used to confirm whether your application of our website optimization recommendations has been effective both for your customers and for your overall business performance. The world of web analytics has been shaken up since Google Analytics became available for open sign-up since August 2006.  This means that all e-commerce sites can have some sort of web analytics system installed, and that is before we count in enterprise solutions like Adobe SiteCatalyst or open source analytics platforms like Piwik and Open Web Analytics…[Read More…]

Checkout Optimization

Checkout abandonment is a major inefficiency for most e-commerce sites. One third of US e-commerce merchants report cart abandonment rates of 50% or higher. Maximizing conversions rates allows you to compete more effectively in a number of online marketing spaces: paid search, for example. If you convert better than your competition you can afford to pay more per customer. Actually, if your click through rate is higher, and your landing pages convert better you will also get a better quality score for your paid search. So, in fact, you can pay less AND get more customers…[Read More…]